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Bikini Mood

My favorite season has finally started!

I thrive when it's sunny and warm outside. I know you can't really tell by looking at me that I enjoy the sun haha I enjoy it in moderation. I do not expose myself to the direct sunlight. I do not tan. I just can't stand laying in the sun for hours grilling my skin.

I was constantly told that I'm "too pale" that I need to get some sun. Some years ago (when I was a teenager) I was forcing myself to get that tan, because it was not cool to be pale, what are you, a vampire? People would suggest to spray myself with some water to get a tan faster. And you know what would happen to me? I would get sunburned in a blink of an eye.

Did you know that just five blistering sunburns as a teenager can substantially increase your risk of developing skin cancer? This is insane. So, you know what? I stopped caring what people say and I embraced my beautiful pale skin.

P.S. on my YouTube channel you can find a bikini try on haul where I model some bikinis in this magical Italian location. I'm happy to call Italy my home.

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