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But, what's the difference?

Many of you have been asking me: ''Tatsi, but what's the difference between: 1) and 2) and should I be subscribing to both?''

Let me help you out ๐Ÿ˜˜ on 1) I'm sharing content everyday, I treat it more or less like IG, I share there some HD content as well some candid creations. I chat there with you, I send out content through DM from time to time, I send PPV, I take custom requests and I do regular livestreams.

On 2) I normally post big sets once a week (trust me they are very big) (every tier gets something). There are tiers on there, different tiers offer different things (pls, check the description). I chat with you and I send out content through DM from time to time.

Overall content is slightly different, e.g. the highest tier on 2) offers 5 long videos per month and the previous sets (pls, read the description or reach out to me beforehand), so, you might as well consider subscribing to both platforms. It's absolutely up to you!

If you have a question, feel free to reach out, there are many ways how you can do that, e.g. if you have questions about different tiers the lowest tier is only $1.

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